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Property Management Services

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 Our goals as property managers is to maximize your rental revenue, ensuring your investment is protected and property taken care of while handling all the annoying issues and calls that come along with being a landlord. we act as the first line of communication the tenant so you will only be contacted by us when necessary. 


Our award winning management team has experience with many diverse property types will ensure your home will receive the attention & care you expect.

Whether you're looking to list a small townhome on airbnb, lease an executive property or need help managing your two apartment home  long term we are here to help. 


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Our Services


Long Term Leasing
& Management

Our team of industry professionals  are eager to help you maximize your rental revenue, ensuring your investment is protected and well taken care of. We assist with everything from preparation, to leasing and management.

Our company is an all in one entity, clients enjoy the convenience and ease of Newground's in house journeymen carpenters, and handymen to handle any issues that may arise at great rates.



Owning an airbnb can be a lot of work. We take the hassle out, so you can enjoy  your profits. Our Superhost management team handles everything from listing, booking inquiries, management, cleaning and so much more. If you'd like to join our current 15+ airbnb clients we would be happy to provide a free property assessment.


Short Term 
Leasing & Management 

We assist clients who are looking to lease their property for 1-12 months. Enjoy peace of mind and rental income while they're away. Many airbnb clients also take advantage of  this leasing opportunity to provide monthly rental income until peak season.

  We can find qualified tenants and manage any needs that may arise. 

Our Team

Your Property, Our Priority 

We aren't your average property management company - we are kind, and honest people first.

Tara, Richard & Kenny knew just what they needed when building their property management team. This is because they have had their own rental properties for years. The good, bad and ugly ... they have seen it all but more importantly they have always exceeded expectation when faced with the unique challenges that come with being a property owner, and our team will do the same for you.

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