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Short Term Property Management

Are you temporarily relocating for work? Many of our clients who work away for periods of time find it beneficial to have a short term lease in place while they're gone. During this time you'll enjoy monthly profits, and we take care of the rest.  

Another reason short term leases are a great option for property owners is during off peak airbnb season. To avoid your home sitting unoccupied, having a short term tenant can help fill the gap to ensure consistent income. 

Preparation & Listing

We assist in coordinating cleaning and getting the property ready for viewings, as well as providing market pricing advice. Advertising including professional photos of your property are included in our fees. 

Showing & Screening

Our team is skilled at conducting showings of properties to possible tenants. As well as screening tenants with applications, credit and reference checks. We also issue and store leasing agreements tailored to your specific terms and preferences. 

Tenant Management

Our team will coordinate move in and move out, inspect property after move out and if applicable address any damage.

We collect the tenants damage depsosit before move in, and monthly rent payment.  If requested, our team can assist with delivery of appliances to property, coordinating lawn care/snow removal at an agreed upon cost to the owner.

Something that we don't often have to do but have experience with is serving of legal notices and evictions and handling evictions if necessary within the rules of the NL Landlord and Tenant's Act.

Our clients receive monthly financial documents, and we store all property documents securely for you. We are available 24/7 to discuss any tenant or owner issues or concerns.


Management Fees

We strive to provide value to our clients. You'll find that our management fees are transparent and competitive with industry standard. Allowing for you to enjoy your profits stress free.

Our Fees

Management Fee

10% Monthly Rent

Leasing Fee

Leasing Fee: 50% first months rent for 12 month leases 

    •    If the lease is for less than 12 months the leasing fee is prorated. 

    •    If the tenant renews there is no leasing fee for the next term. 

    •    If the tenant moves out early the leasing fee is paid back to you at a prorated amount. 

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