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Tenant Application

Do not use family members or friends as references. 
Suitable references include: employers, professionals, work colleagues, former landlords etc
If accepted, the following persons will be living with me: (only those approved by NewGround Property Management will be permitted to live in this property). 
All persons over the age of 18 must be considered a tenant, not an occupant and must also complete the application unless they are considered your legal dependent 

Applicant Details 

Property Details 

Have You Viewed This Property?

Rental History

Please ensure to include the town, province, and postal code. 
If your last known address was that of a property you own, please write "n/a" in the fields below
Utilities Included?

Property Ownership

Please fill out the information below if you are currently residing or have recently resided in a home with you own. 
If you of not own your home, please write "n/a" in the required fields. 

Payment Of Rent

Please provide as much detail as possible when completing this section and note the following. 
(a) If you are employed, please provide name and contact information for income verrification.
(b)If your rent is being paid by a third party, please provide proof of willingness and ability to pay rent (ex confirmation of income support etc) 
(c) If you are unwilling to disclose your source of income, proof of availability of funds will be required. (ex letter from bank confirming available funds)

Applications CANNOT be processed without attaching proof of income/available funds. 
Please Upload Proof Of Income

General Questions

Are you student?
Do you have a good credit report?
Have you ever broken a lease?
Have you ever been evicted?
Do you have a criminal hisory?


Upload File


Additional Occupants

Terms & Conditions

Personal information is collected from you to identify you when we obtain a credit check, to make initial tenancy/credit approvals and related credit functions. I/We hereby authorize New Ground Property Management to use whatever personal information provided by me/us to them for the purposes of obtaining consumer, credit, or personal reports concerning me/us from any consumer, credit or personal reporting agencies. New Ground Property Management is not in the business of selling or providing client information to others.

I/We hereby apply to New Ground Property Management for tenancy approval, and in doing so authorize any information pertaining to my/our credit and financial responsibilities to be obtained from a credit bureau, credit grantor, or any other investigative agency. I hereby authorize New Ground Property Management to obtain a consumer or other report containing personal and credit information from a credit reporting agency in connection with this application, either for credit/tenancy purposes or collection purposes, and I authorize release of such information. 

A rental unit will only be considered as "secured" upon payment of your Security Deposit.  A Security Deposit can be paid after a lease for a property is signed by both the tenant(s) and the landlord.  Security Deposits are non-refundable.

By Submitting this application  I am giving NewGround Property Management permission to run a background check on myself and any co signers, and agreeing to their privacy policy and terms of service. 
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